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Increasingly organizations prefer to have some of their key internal discussions, strategy reviews, leadership off-sites and "thinking sessions" run by external Facilitators. Among the many advantages of this approach are:
  • The benefit of having someone impartial helping to run the session, allowing key people to think, listen and discuss the issues.

  • Facilitators have interesting and novel ways of bringing groups to the point of agreement on sensitive issues.

  • External facilitators have relevant and useful experience of other organizations in similar circumstances.
  • Expert facilitators ensure that all opinions are heard in a balanced manner.

  • External facilitators are normally adept at handling "political" issues.

  • Providing cross-cultural input, interpretation and assisting with collaboration

If you would like to consider having an experienced facilitator for your key meetings or discussions please call us on +44 207 321 3755. We would be delighted to talk through your needs with you.

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