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Kiddy International’s Executive Assessments have an enviable reputation for their insights into people at all levels across a wide range of business sectors, both nationally and internationally. 

Differentiators:   We differentiate ourselves through:

  • Our knowledge of our clients and the focus of the assessment brief. A good brief drives our understanding of our client’s business and the specific purpose of the assessment.

  • Our intimate understanding of the organisation’s strategy and culture. This enables us carefully to focus our recommendations beyond generic report outputs.

  • Our perceptive and accurate assessments which provide the essential valuable information that contributes to and informs smart selection decisions.

  • The high quality of our professional expertise. We adhere to best practices; only use demonstrably high quality technical methods; apply rigorous technical checks and judgement to the contents of report feedback and how each assignment is managed.

  • Our focus on how we manage our clients throughout the assessment process. Client and candidate care provide the foundation for how we conduct assessments. 

Purposes:   Our assessments are most frequently used for:

  • Independently informing critical selection decisions at the short-list stage of senior recruitment projects.

  • Improving the quality, impartiality and timing of internal promotions

  • Identifying development themes and needs across senior teams.