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Our Executive Coaching programme meets the specific needs of global leaders at key career stages. This is a 1:1 specialist executive coaching programme where the individual works through confidential, pragmatic and searching discussions with an experienced Kiddy International coach. Our aim is to enhance and strengthen the individual’s own leadership development, in-line with critical current and future business needs.


Our standard programme normally consists of six sessions, but this can be adjusted to meet the practical needs of the individual. The six sessions ensure that both we and the participant maintain a clear focus on achieving measurable results. A key goal is to help the individual develop a comprehensive self-understanding in relation to the essential demands and challenges of their role. Along with 360 feedback, we frequently use personality tools to speed up the process and to derive extra value. Overall our executive coaching is:

  • Output Oriented: we achieve significant advances with people.

  • Globally Delivered: an extensive pool of experienced coaches.

  • High Value: our interactions deliver practical long-term benefits.

  • Client Centred: we focus on real organisational needs and results.

  • Confidential: trust and respect are at the heart of what we do.

  • Liberating: people feel free to confront and tackle key issues for themselves.

  • Enjoyable: clients say they like working with us.

In addition to our Executive Coaching we also provide a separate Career Development Coaching service to help experienced senior executives plan their next moves. To find out more about either service, or to ask for a reference on what we have achieved with other clients, please call us on +44 207 321 3755. We would be delighted to talk through your needs with you.