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Newly appointed senior managers are under ever-increasing pressure to produce rapid yet sustainable results. Despite high spending on hiring and promoting talent, many organisations fail to capitalise fully on their investment by providing appropriate support to senior managers during the key first 90 days of their new roles. Kiddy International’s Leader Launch® on-boarding programme provides effective one-to-one structured transition support to senior managers before and during this critical first 90 days.

In all new roles senior managers have to assimilate substantial amounts of information and achieve considerable understanding before they reach the point where they are able to contribute fully. Kiddy International’s Leader Launch® programme helps them achieve success significantly earlier and avoid the pitfalls that affect so many senior managers in their first 90 days. Many organisations now regard Leader Launch® as a highly valuable "insurance policy" to underwrite the success of senior managers in their transitions to new roles. Leader Launch® is:

> quick to implement and highly effective

> run by experienced transition coaches

> suitable for both external hires and internally promoted senior managers.

To find out how Leader Launch® can help senior managers in your organisation please call us on +44 207 321 3755.