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The effectiveness of Boards is largely dependent on the qualities and behaviours of individual Board Members and the dynamicsthat exist between them. The key challenges for many Boards therefore are to:


  • Identify what qualities and behaviours they want and need from Board Members.


  • Assess the degree to which such behaviours and their personality drivers exist within potential Board Candidates and existing Board Members. These key personality characteristics include: Independence, Courage, Assertiveness, Openness, Relatedness and Ascendancy.


  • Provide practical support in developing appropriate Boardroom behaviours that promote an effective Board dynamic.

Through our Board-Fit tools and process, Kiddy International provides:

  • Robust and accurate individual Board Member assessments to identify the degree to which appropriate behaviours and personality drivers appear to be present.


  • Individual 1:1 support to Board Members or potential Board Members, to enhance their effectiveness and a positive Board dynamic.

To find out more about how we assess and develop individual Board Members and potential Board Members please contact us on +44 207 321 3755 for an informal discussion.