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>>> Executive Development
We run a series of individual and small group advanced skills development sessions for senior managers and directors:

Power Presentations

Working with senior executives to enhance their organizational impact and success. This highly practical 1:1 programme sharpens the messages and style which leaders can use to fully get their messages across to both small and large audiences.

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Strategy For Senior Managers

A 1:1 programme to equip senior managers with all the tools and practice required for conceiving, preparing and implementing successful strategies. It includes processes for the collaborative development of a clear vision and mission statement.
Influencing At The Top

Persuading shareholders, stakeholder, fellow senior colleagues and Boards requires advanced skills which in turn involve and understanding of interpersonal dynamics and and appreciation of the psychology behind successful influencing. This 1:1 programme provides all the necessary tools. It can also be run for small groups and leadership teams.

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